Nilesh Patra

Welcome to my ~/ on the internet
I wear multiple hats, as a Software Engineer, a Open Source Contributor and a Mentor

SWE at Qualcomm

Currently working as a SWE at Qualcomm, working in the power team. Responsible for minimising battery utilization with various optimizations in Qualcomm Chipsets.

Debian Developer

Full member of the Debian project with unrestricted upload access to all packages and voting rights in project decisions. Currently maintaining 200+ packages across a dozen teams.

Google Summer of Code Student/Mentor

I participated in GSoC as a student in 2020 when I worked on packaging COVID-19 relevant software for Debian. Since then, I also mentor in GSoC every year to help applicants start their journey in open-source and complete a nice project.

Get in touch

The best way to reach out to me is via email, while a ping on LinkedIn works as well

  • Email

    For anything Debian related: nilesh AT SPAMFREE debian DOT org
    and Otherwise: nilesh AT SPAMFREE nileshpatra DOT info
    You could as well gpg-encrypt your mails for personal correspondence with my public key given below, should you wish

  • PGP Keys

    Current PGP Fingerprint (ed25519 key): A095 B66E E090 24BE E6A2 F072 2A27 904B D724 3EDA
    Old Fingerprint (RSA-4096 key): 3E99 A526 F5DC C0CB BF1C EEA6 00BA E74B 3433 69F1

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